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Local Military Veteran without friends or family, being laid to rest in Sarasota

The Services will take place.... this Wednesday,  2/10/2016 at 11:30 am, at The Sarasota National Cemetery.  From time to time, we are alerted to a local HERO, who...
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WATCH: Little Boy sings George Strait

  Video - Screenshot   It's one thing to hear kids sing country music, but its another to hear them sing classic country music. This little boy named Christian, takes on...
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A Cruise Ship Limps Into Port Canaveral After Surviving This

  Video - Screenshot   This is just some of the video caught on a passenger's cell phone. A cruise ship is now headed for Central Florida after surviving a rough night at...
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Armed Robber Likely Would’ve Targeted a Different Store If He’d Known Who Was Standing Behind the Counter

  Video - Screenshot   An armed robber who tried to hold up a convenience store in Brevard County, Florida, likely didn’t know who was the behind the counter....
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Cop Pulls Over Couple for Speeding, Delivers Baby Instead

Facebook - Screenshot   Yesterday morning in Athens , Alabama , Trooper Michael Kesler pulled a couple over for speeding. Upon encountering the pair, Kesler...
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Great white shark circles father and son's fishing boat in Florida

  Facebook - Screenshot   A East Coast Florida man out fishing with his son captured video of what appears to be a 14-foot great white shark circling their boat off the coast...
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When You Didn't Want to Leave the Womb Yet... LOL!

  Facebook - Screenshot //   Posted by Alonzo Lerone on Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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Nelly's version of 'Die A Happy Man'

Video - Screenshot
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Older Man Writes Touching Letter To Deceased Wife On Facebook And The Comments Will Tear You Apart

    Facebook - Screenshot   Humans of New York  posted this photo and passage to its Facebook page...
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  Video - Screenshot   By any gauge imaginable, being an NFL player is pretty tough. It requires physical gifts, playbook study, and a tremendous work ethic. Being a dad, on...
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